• Documents

    This subpage presents a compilation of all important legal and project-related documents available in Switzerland. This compilation is updated regularly.

  • Glossary

    This reference handbook presents the key terms used in the field of vocational and professional education and training, explaining them in a brief and informative manner. The content of this glossary is also available online.

  • Links

    This compilation includes related links to the main websites with information about dual-track VET in English. These websites are maintained by overarching entities (e.g. federal offices) or relate to the most important Swiss or European projects conducted in English. Entries are editorially managed.


Portal vpet.ch

This portal in English contains complete information about the Swiss system of vocational and professional education and training (VPET). It is based on the three mirror sites in German, French and Italian (berufsbildung.ch, formationprof.ch and formazioneprof.ch). It is still under construction and will be gradually expanded.
On the German, French and Italian sites, interested parties are provided with considerable information and other documents about the Swiss VPET system.